Daniel Donnelly (danield1974) wrote in astronomy101,
Daniel Donnelly

Beware: Full Moon!

With a full moon this evening, I was somewhat curious to come across an old article from National Geographic with the following headline "Beware: The full moon is tonight. People will party. Dogs Will Bite. Robbers Will Steal. Murderers Will Kill."

The article goes on to state "Contrary to popular belief, however, the frequency of these behaviors will probably be no more significant tonight than on any other night of the year, according to scientific reviews of the theory that the full moon alters the way humans and wildlife behave."

Reading into it a bit further, the writers lay blame for the hysteria and on a range of issues most commonly associated with the full moon from Selective Memory, Sensationalist Journalism or my favourite "studies purportedly backed by a tequila manufacturer".

Regardless, a full moon is always a great sight to behold albeit with a good pair of binoculars or a telescope with a respectable moon filter, optimal lighting conditions (even when stumbling out of a hotel just after sunrise) always serves a person justice! 

For some truly absurb reading, the skeptics dictionary on the full moon provides more than enough inspiration for anyone to write a "B" grade teenage horror flick! 
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