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A Petition to Keep Pluto a Planet

A new member to live journal, laurele has begun spreading the word of Dr. Alan Stern from NASA and supporters who are trying to get Pluto re-enstated as a Planet. You are welcome to check out the journal for more information.

In the laurele's own words: You may not have to start a new tribe of people who rebel and keep calling Pluto a planet because Dr. Stern has informally already done so and will likely formalize this at his convention next year. This issue is very much still a debate in progress. If you want to connect with other Pluto supporters, visit the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet at http://www.plutoisaplanet.org.

There is also a petition online, which will eventually be sent to the IAU (one of many) with over 1300 signatures supporting the reinstatement of Pluto. You can find it at http://pleasesavepluto.org/pluto/petition-to-iau/

Dr. Stern's own words: Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of the New Horizons NASA mission to Pluto, described the vote as having been "hijacked" by a small group on the last day of the conference. He also labeled the decision "an embarrassment to astronomy" and now plans to hold a conference next summer to address this issue instead of waiting for the next IAU convention in 2009. He and about 300 planetary scientists have signed a petition saying they will not use the IAU's planet definition.

IF you would like to lend your support, please do so at the listed addresses. Thank you for your time. My mood is positive and I'm only wishing to offer pertinent information in a broad forum where their might be support.
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